Van Hire Excellence: Three Generations of Quality on the Road with CVS [Your All-Inclusive Guide]

If you’re someone seeking information about van rental experience in London, we’ve got you covered. We understand that for someone who hires a van, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind are the most crucial. And you expect excellence through and through. Which is totally fine.

However, to ensure van hire excellence, you must spend a little time digging into the van rental options, services, and benefits of a reputable van hire company in London. This helps you make an informed decision.

In this blog, we’ll see how CVS can help you with a comprehensive van hire service in London (plus, many more things!). Read on.

CVS Van Hire – A trustworthy van rental company in London

CVS Van Hire has been working for three generations (ever since 1961) to serve London dwellers with high-quality and well-maintained vans. We are a family-run business that highly values and cares for your van hire experience.

We have two branches in London: one in Tottenham and another in Enfield. You can give them a visit to get a better understanding of our van rental services in London.

Hiring a van with CVS is a breeze. You can easily book a cost-effective van from us online or by calling us on 020 8131 3573 now.

Why hire a van from CVS

When it comes to hiring a van in London, local expertise can make all the difference. Opting for a local van rental company such as CVS Van Hire offers several advantages.

  • Cost-effective options – Once we understand your van hiring needs, we will provide you with competitive quotes tailored to your budget.
  • High-quality vehicles – At CVS, we have a dedicated body shop facility to maintain our fleet of vehicles. Every 5,000 miles, we service our vans to ensure they run smoothly for as long as you need them.
  • ULEZ-compliant fleet – With your van being ULEZ-compliant, you won’t have to worry about paying extra while driving it on the London streets.
  • Excellent customer service – Our customer service is easily accessible. We are always there to make your van hire in London the very best experience you’ll ever have.
  • A reasonably priced deposit – If you’re worried about hefty deposits, ours is one of the lowest in the market. We take a pre-authorised £100 deposit for the van you hire.
  • Savings on your insurance excess – Our insurance excess is £1,000. For just £10 a day, we can half this for you to £500.
  • 150 miles of daily allowance – During your van rental period with CVS, you will get a daily allowance of 150 miles from us.
  • 24/7 return options – Return your van to one of our branches in London around the clock.

Finally, we have excellent reviews from our customers. They come back to us for our friendly service, affordability of vans, easy van hire experience, and quality vans among other reasons.

Types of vans available for hire

In London, there are various types of vans available for hire to cater to different transportation needs. At CVS Van Hire, you will find almost all of them available at an affordable cost.

  1. Small vans

    Small vans, such as compact panel vans, are ideal for light and small-sized loads.
    They are easy to manoeuvre in the city’s traffic and are often used for local deliveries, courier services, or small-scale house moves.

  2. Medium vans

    Medium-sized vans offer a bit more cargo space than small vans. These are versatile and commonly used for moving larger furniture, medium-sized appliances, and business deliveries.
    They strike a balance between cargo capacity and manoeuvrability. At CVS, you get some additional options such as a CD player, garment rails, and automatic transmission with your medium vans.

  3. Large vans

    Large vans provide ample cargo space and are suitable for more substantial loads.
    You’d choose them for moving house, transporting bulky furniture, and handling larger business deliveries. Long-wheelbase and high-roof options offer increased capacity.

  4. Refrigerated vans

    Refrigerated vans are equipped with cooling or freezing systems, making them essential for transporting temperature-sensitive goods.
    Businesses in the food, pharmaceutical, and floral industries rely on refrigerated vans to maintain the integrity of their products during transit.

  5. Luton vans

    Luton vans are distinguished by an overhanging section above the driver’s cab, providing extra storage space. They are popular for house moves as they offer high cargo capacity.
    At CVS, your Luton vans can be equipped with a tail lift to simplify loading and unloading.

  6. Long-term vans

    Long-term van hire provides vehicles for extended periods, typically spanning months or years. It’s a cost-effective solution for businesses needing consistent access to vans without the commitment of purchasing or leasing a vehicle.
    Homeowners in London can also hire a long-term van for DIY home improvement projects.

  7. Minibuses

    Minibuses, which can accommodate a larger number of passengers, are ideal for group transportation. They are suitable for airport transfers, tours, school trips, and other group outings.
    CVS is a trusted minibus hire company in London. You get different seat options with our minibuses. What’s even better is you can hire a minibus for your Europe travel plans as well.

The cost of hiring a van from CVS

We don’t offer fixed costs for our vans. From our experience, we understand that every customer comes with unique van hiring needs. And in addition, the cost of van hire depends on a number of factors. Therefore, we offer bespoke quotes after an initial discussion with you.
Here are some factors that influence van rental costs in London.

  • Van size – The size of the van significantly impacts the rental cost. Smaller vans are more affordable, while larger ones with greater cargo capacity tend to cost more.
  • Rental duration – Short-term rentals are usually more expensive per day than long-term options. If you need a van for an extended period, you can negotiate better rates.
  • Additional services – Consider any extras you might need, such as moving equipment, packaging, tow bars, or anything else. These can add to the overall cost.
  • Seasonal variation – Rental prices can fluctuate depending on the time of year. There are times when you’ll get discounts on your van hire or face higher prices depending on demand and availability.

Understanding these cost factors allows you to plan your van hire and get a quote that suits your needs. Contact us today to get a quote for your van hire in London.

What you will need to hire a van

Renting a van with CVS is quick and simple. Here are some things we’ll need from you when you come over to hire a van from us:

  • A full UK/EU driving licence, that you’ve had for at least 12 months.
  • A licence check code, that you can get from the government website.
  • A recent proof of address.
  • The credit or debit card that you used to reserve your van.

Additionally, you must be at least 25 years old to be able to hire a van from us.

The various uses of our vans in London

Van hire serves a wide range of purposes, making it a versatile transportation solution for both individuals and businesses. Here are some of the common uses of van hire in London.

  1. Moving house

    One of the most popular reasons for van hire is house moving. Renting a van allows you to transport your furniture, personal belongings, and household items efficiently from one location to another.
    Small vans from CVS will be ideal for your house move if you have only a few boxes or medium-sized furniture.

  2. Furniture transport

    When you purchase new furniture or need to move furniture items within the city, hiring a van is an ideal choice. It ensures that your furniture arrives safely and without damage.

  3. Business deliveries

    For businesses, vans provide a cost-effective means to deliver goods and products to customers or other locations within the city. It’s particularly beneficial for small businesses that don’t maintain a fleet of vehicles.
    Depending on your business type and cargo size, you can choose between a large van or a Luton van. Luton vans also come with tail lifts to make loading or unloading simple for you.

  4. DIY home improvement

    Whether you’re renovating your home or embarking on a DIY project, renting a van is useful for transporting construction materials, tools, and equipment.

  5. Event transportation

    Event organisers often use van hire to transport event equipment, decorations, and supplies to venues. It’s a practical solution for exhibitions, trade shows, and special occasions.

  6. Airport pick-up

    If you have family or friends arriving at one of London’s airports with a considerable amount of luggage, hiring a van can simplify the pick-up process. It will ensure that their luggage fits comfortably. Usually, a small van should be ideal for this need.

  7. Student moves

    Students moving in or out of university accommodation can benefit from van hire. It allows for the transport of personal belongings and furniture. If you think you’ll need packaging including boxes, packing blankets, and bubble wrap, CVS can provide that as well.

  8. Film and TV productions

    The entertainment industry frequently uses vans to transport film equipment, props, and crew to shooting locations within the city. You can hire a minibus or a large van for these needs.

  9. Business relocations

    When a business needs to relocate to a new office or premises, van hire is essential for transporting office furniture, equipment, and files. Luton vans are ideal for business relocations.

Van hire excellence in London – 5 expert tips from CVS

  1. Plan ahead

    Planning your van rental well in advance is particularly important in London. Here, demand can be high, especially during the summer months and around peak moving times.
    By booking early, you’ll have more choices and a better chance of securing the right van for your needs.

  2. Don’t forget about insurance

    Make sure you’re adequately covered with insurance, as accidents can happen in the city’s busy traffic. Check the coverage that the rental company offers. Consider additional coverage if necessary.

  3. Prepare yourself for driving a van

    Familiarise yourself with London’s road rules and congestion charge zones if applicable. If you are going to drive a van for the first time, these rules are even more important. It is also advisable to choose a van that you will be able to easily drive around and park on London streets.

  4. Respect rental terms

    Follow the rental company’s terms and return the van on time to avoid additional charges. Ensure you return the van in the same condition you received it. Adhere to any mileage limits or fuel policies.


Excellence means different things to different people. However, when it comes to van hire, we can understand what you’re actually looking for. With many decades in the industry, we have gained the experience and expertise to efficiently cater to our customers’ van rental needs. Wait no more, get in touch with CVS Van Hire’s expert team to discuss your van hire requirements.
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