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CVS Van Hire: All you need to know

Here at CVS Van Hire, we’re infinitely proud of where we’ve come from. Our history goes back three generations, and over these years we have consistently provided our customers with service that can’t be beaten. Since being founded in 1961, our family business has been offering reliable, high-quality vans for hire to our customers. Our history is what has allowed us to bloom into a go-to, leading business in the automotive industry. To hear more about how we got started, contact us on 020 8808 7236.

Learn more from our team

To hear more about our history and our reliable, ever-expanding fleet of vehicles, get in touch with us on 020 8808 7236 or email info@cvsvanhire.co.uk. You can also complete our contact form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.


The history of CVS Van Hire

The history of CVS Van Hire started in 1961 in the hands of our grandfather, Des Frost. Our timeline to the present day demonstrates our lineage as a family business rising to meet customer needs.

1961 – Where we began

Our grandfather, Des Frost, is where it all starts. After completing his military service in the Middlesex Regiment and fighting in the Suez Crisis, he left the army and began managing 10 different sites across London selling vehicles. It was at this time that the foundations of CVS Van Hire were born. Des started his own business, originally named D.F. Frost Motors, and acquired a site on White Hart Lane, Tottenham, North London, which is where we still reside today.

1986 – A change of hands

D.F. Frost Motors had success in selling commercial vehicles for two decades, until Des deservedly decided it was time to retire. In 1986, he passed his cherished business down to the capable hands of his sons, Paul and Stephen. Paul and Stephen were both very experienced mechanics, and their work ethic complemented their already close bond as brothers. Their business relationship was forged out of respect and trust in their mutual judgement, which is how Commercial Vehicle Sales (Tottenham) Ltd was formed. Paul and Stephen worked tirelessly to build upon the strong foundation of their father’s legacy, and soon got the business running smoothly, just as it was in the decades prior.

1990 – Stepping into new services

Once they had been running the business for several years, Paul and Stephen decided it was time to expand their offerings past van sales in 1990. Following the recession, this was identified as a wise career move and allowed exploration into van hire and van maintenance. Business bloomed and so our Tottenham site expanded to accommodate extra vehicles. Following our venture into a hire service, we abbreviated our name to CVS Van Hire and we became a household, leading name for van hire in our area. Our capacity at our location by White Hart Lane Railway Station grew, being able to hold more than 100 vehicles of all shapes and models.

Adding more branches to the family business

CVS Van Hire doesn’t exist without the Frost family, hence the further additions to the workforce, Richard and James (Paul’s sons). They began their careers in their school holidays, maintaining the vans and building up experience in the automotive industry. Holding a passion for vehicles, they began working full time at CVS Van Hire.

2016 – A change in directorship

In 2016, the directorship of CVS Van Hire was officially passed to Richard and James. Along with this development in business, we opened our office in Enfield. This allows us to reach wider areas such as North London and Hertfordshire, as well as expand our fleet of high-quality vehicles. As of 2017, we had already provided over 7000 local residents and businesses, which equated to more than 47 years of hire!

2023 – A new venture

In 2023, we decided to take another large business step, always striving to make decisions that demonstrate our capability to our customers. We joined forces with our sister company, H&H Van Hire, with whom we share resources such as vehicles in order to provide our customers with the highest quality of service they deserve.

Present day

We are always striving to improve our services, and we maintain a safe working environment at all times. We’re an experienced team, and we’re proud of our family history. With two branches, we continue to grow our business and maintain our reputation.

Get in touch today

One of our main priorities is ensuring our customers are over the moon with our service. To enquire about van hire, call us today on 020 8808 7236 or email info@cvsvanhire.co.uk.

Choosing CVS Van Hire

Working with CVS Van Hire, you will experience the values that have been with us since 1961. Every day our team works to embody these values, ensuring a positive experience for every customer.

Your cost-effective option

When enquiring about our van hire services, you will undoubtedly be provided with options that prioritise value for money. We are confident in the services we provide, and we do so at competitive prices. We believe that van hire should be accessible to everyone that needs it, which is why we’re proud to be a cost-effective option.

An ever-growing family business

Our family business has been running since 1961, and we’re incredibly proud to carry on the Frost family legacy. We manage to maintain the family business feel and values, whilst continuously growing and looking forwards to the next big thing. Our family approach is reflected in our customers’ experiences, and they are consistently satisfied.

The highest standard of customer service

Our customer service is of the highest standard – we really value the experiences our customers have with us. Always doing the right thing by you, we provide services that are reliable and easily accessible. This is all in addition to the comprehensive nature of our services, offering accessories and body shop work as well.

The locations of CVS Van Hire

CVS Van Hire has two sites you can hire a van from: Tottenham and Enfield. The versatility within these branches allows our customers flexibility – you can make use of the closest branch to you, and collection and drop off are available at both locations.

The answers to your questions

If you’ve found yourself with a variety of questions, we’re confident we can provide the answers. Take a look at our FAQs page, and feel free to get in touch with us if you need any further information.

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If you’d like to get in contact with us regarding van hire in our Tottenham or Enfield branch, or you’d like to learn more about our history, give us a call on 020 8808 7236 or email info@cvsvanhire.co.uk.

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