Luton vans

  • Low security deposits
  • Optional insurance excess available.
  • 24 hour drop off service
  • Daily 150 mile allowance
  • 100% ULEZ compliant fleet
  • Highly maintained vehicles

Hire a Luton van for one day from just £110 +VAT, call 020 8808 7236

Luton Vans: Hire from a Reputable Team

Our fleet of Luton vans are commercial vans that have an enclosed box body. This is extended over the driver’s seat, making them the ideal van model for house moves and transporting lots of equipment. They are even complete with three seats in the driver’s cab. Luton vans can be supplied with a tail lift should you need one, meaning the loading and unloading is a seamless process. We also have low loading Luton vans that can simply be stepped into. Our CVS Van Hire team are the experts when it comes to your van hire throughout London – call us with any questions and queries on 020 8808 7236.

Our Luton Vans

Internal Sizes
Length 13ft (3.96m)
Width 6ft 8″ (2.03m)
Height 7ft 3″ (2.20m)

*Measurements may differ based on make and model.

Maximum payload: 900 kg

Additional options (subject to availability):

  • Tail lift
  • CD player
  • Garment rails

Book your Luton van in just one phone call

Our van rental is easy to arrange – all you have to do is give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to help. Contact us on 020 8808 7236, email or complete our contact form for a call back.


What are the most common uses for our Luton vans?

You might be wondering which van model is the best one for what you need. Our Luton vans are incredibly versatile, and the tail lift that we can supply ensures that they are extremely easy to use! These vans are most commonly used for:

  • Moving your belongings into your new property throughout the UK and Europe
  • Transporting construction materials for commercial jobs
  • Carrying out office removals
  • Hauling items based on volume rather than weight

How can I reserve my Luton van?

Reserving your Luton van for a day, weekend, or longer is easy. It will just require a few steps, and then you’ll be able to collect your vehicle. What are the steps? Let’s find out:

The first step is confirming that a Luton van is the one you need. We may have other vans that fit your requirements, so a conversation with our team may help you decide.

Once you have decided on a Luton van, we will provide you with a pricing quote and confirm the date for your hire service.

Next comes the day of collection. When you arrive, you will need to bring with you:

  • Your full UK/EU driving licence
  • A licence check code – you can generate this on government website
  • The bank card used to secure your hire
  • A proof of address

After you have provided the relevant documentation, you will be free to go! One of our team members will walk around the vehicle with you after we’ve taken our own pictures – we encourage you to do the same.

Our experts are available for you

If you’d like to talk to our experts to confirm that a Luton van will be the right one for your requirements, all you have to do is get in touch. Call us on 020 8808 7236 or email

Our benefits: Why to hire with CVS

Hiring a van with CVS Van Hire will provide you with plenty of benefits. We prioritise customer service, and we do everything to ensure you are satisfied with your hire experience.

A young fleet of vehicles

Our fleet runs at 1-2 years old. This ensures that all our vehicles are ULEZ compliant and well maintained.

A large daily mile allowance

We provide a daily allowance of 150 miles, and if you exceed this, the charge is only 10p per mile.

A cost-effective deposit

Our deposit is just £100, and this is a pre-authorised deposit which means the money will only be taken if necessary.

Drop off your vehicle at any time, 24/7

You have the option to drop off your vehicle at any time, 24/7, as long as it’s within your paid period of hire.

Cut your insurance excess by half

For just £10 a day, we give you the option to split your insurance excess in half, from £1,000 to £500.

Diligently maintained vans

Our vans are meticulously taken care of. Tracked by GPS devices and serviced every 5,000 miles, they are always safe.

We can answer your questions…

It’s common that our customers may have a question or two, so we’ve decided to put them all in the same place just in case they benefit you too. Visit our FAQs page or speak to our expert team.

Do you provide racking for inside the Luton vans?

We can provide racking and other accessories to provide you with an increased amount of space and ease of use within your Luton van. We can also offer packing boxes, bubble wrap, blankets, and more at an extra cost.

If I’m moving house, what van model should I opt for?

If you’re moving properties with multiple rooms to pack up and an abundance of furniture, a Luton van is one of the best models you can choose. Some Luton vans have a tail lift to make the loading and unloading process seamless, and some vans you can step into easily.

Can I use your vans for European travel?

If you give us suitable notice you will be able to use our vans to travel to Europe at our discretion. If you’re moving property to Europe, this could be the ideal option for you.

Why our customers love working with us

If there’s one thing we strive to do at CVS Van Hire, it’s make our customers happy. That’s why we encompass our values in all our services, ensuring that each of our customers raves about their hire experience with us.

Saving our customers money

The prices we offer are competitive, and we match and even beat your existing quotes. This is something we love to offer for our customers.

Giving customers the family experience

As a family business, we have built up a reputation for providing excellent services and building up rapport with our customers.

Gold standard of customer service

Our main priority is ensuring our customers experience an incredible level of service, and this is something every member of our CVS Van Hire team strives for.

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