Sign writing for your vehicle: Why to invest


If you’ve been thinking about new ways to market your business and you’re driving around in a plain van, you could consider a sign written vehicle. There are many benefits to a sign written van, and it’s also something you can get creative with, choosing what potential customers see when you’re simply driving down the street. If you’re wondering what the benefits of sign writing for your commercial van are, allow us to let you know…

Constant marketing

If you’re driving around from job to job with a van that has your company logo and number all over the sides, it’s bound to draw attention from passersby. This can ensure that you benefit from marketing for your business even when you aren’t actively trying. It will get the word out about your services and what you can do for customers in your local area, leading to increased business.


Sign writing for your van is a relatively inexpensive way of marketing your company. Compared to alternative marketing ventures, it will pay itself off rather quickly, and could result in just as many leads and conversions for your business. A sign written vehicle can also make you seem more established, and for a fraction of the cost of other marketing techniques.

Protection for your paintwork

Vinyl artwork for the side of your van doesn’t only look brilliant, but it can also provide protection for your paintwork underneath. This is especially beneficial when it comes to reselling your van or updating the vinyl, as you will have peace of mind that your van’s paintwork is still in brilliant condition. This is a win-win situation, marketing your company and protecting your vehicle.

Customisable and changeable

The good part of vinyl sign writing is that they are entirely customisable to your business. There are templates you can benefit from, but if you want to personalise your vehicle to your own company, this is entirely possible. You can make your van into something that is bespoke to you. Vinyl is also reasonably easy to get off, so when you want to update or change your van, you can.

  • Some tips on sign writing for your van

There are some tips that we would advise for the sign writing on the side of your vehicle.

  • Give an explanation of your services

If your sign writing only presents your company name and number, this could be confusing for those seeing it. You need to ensure that your potential customers know how they can benefit from working with you, so give a brief overview of your services alongside your name.

  • Consider your design

Too many graphics on the side of a vehicle can be overwhelming, with cluttered images and text. Our advice would be to go bold but stay simple. This way your potential customers can clearly see what you do and how to contact you.

Here at CVS Van Hire, we can provide sign writing for your van that is of the highest standard. We can help you with the design, through to the application of the sign writing, helping your van to represent your business and what you do. For our services, give us a call on 020 8003 1184 or email

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