How to drive a van safely for your first time

If you need to hire a van around this autumn season, it’s important that you know how to drive it safely. Whether this is a Luton van for your house move, or a minibus to transport you and your friends for an autumn staycation, driving a van is a very different experience to driving a car. Knowing some of our tips and tricks will ensure that you won’t get caught off guard during your hire. Keep reading for our must-know advice on driving a hired van…

Tip #1 – Adjust your driving position to suit you

When you’re driving your own car, it’s rare that you ever have to readjust your seat and your mirrors. Therefore, it might slip your mind to do so in a new vehicle, but this is a very important step in making sure your drive is a safe experience. Your driving position is essential, allowing you to control the car comfortably and have visibility of your surroundings.

Tip #2 – Load your van effectively

If you’re driving a van for the first time, you need to ensure that you make things as easy as possible for yourself. Ensuring that the content of your van is loaded correctly and evenly will make things simpler for your drive. If you’re transporting heavy items, ensure the weight is evenly distributed through the back of the van – this will make the van more stable and could avoid injury.

Tip #3 – Allow extra clearance

When you are on your drive, the vehicle will be much wider than you are used to. Due to this, you should allow more clearance between yourself and other cars or things like width restrictions. This will reduce the risk of you accidentally scraping something, and ensure you are driving safely on the road. This is also beneficial if you are driving a minibus, protecting your passengers.

Tip #4 – Watch your speed

If  you have a heavily loaded van or a minibus containing many passengers, it would be a bad idea to drive quickly. Be vigilant about your speed – don’t go over the speed limit, and similarly don’t go faster than you are comfortable with. We all know what it feels like to be pressed into driving slightly faster, but doing this will only increase your stress levels.

Tip #5 – Be careful when parking

Remember when driving a van for the first time, that you will have to find a parking space that suits your new dimensions. It might be easier to park slightly further away if there is more wiggle room with the space. If you need some tips, slow and steady is the way to go. Lowering your speed will give you more control, and checking mirrors constantly will help you avoid other cars.

Tip #6 – Use your mirrors vigilantly

Your mirrors should always be used, whether you are a first-time van driver or not. Your mirrors allow you to be conscious of other road users, meaning that you can drive safer with a high level of awareness. Your mirrors will be very useful as a first-time van driver, as they will also allow you to see the back of your vehicle, which gives you an indication of your vehicle’s width and dimensions.

If you require van hire, but are slightly nervous, these tips should be able to take some of the stress off your shoulders. Here at CVS Van Hire, we provide minibuses, Luton vans, and more, all with safety and security in mind. Start your van hire today by calling us on 020 8003 1184 or emailing

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