Roofarack: Our Exciting New Product

Do you need to carry sheet materials for your jobs? Tired of having to tie things down and of wasting time with loading and unloading every time you are on a job?
Maybe you get even more frustrated when it rains, having to add another protective layer over your materials so they don’t get wet?

Well, no more! You may have seen vans zipping around town with what looks like a low roof box and wondered what that’s all about. It is Roofarack, a great invention to help transport sheet materials around and CVS Van Hire is the proud supplier of it across London. What made us do this? We took one look at the benefits of Roofarack and didn’t think twice. But let’s start at the beginning and you can decide for yourself.

What is Roofarack?

Roofarack is a universal roof box that will fit onto any van, large or small. It works because it has been designed by tradespeople who know all about what it’s like transporting materials around and the difficulties and frustrations of doing so. Some of its key specifications include:

  • Fits most sizes of van.
  • Suitable for materials with dimensions up to 8m by 4m – for example, plasterboard or other sheeting materials.
  • Includes pipe holders and three roof bars on the top.
  • Fully lockable for maximum security.
  • Fully waterproof so no more worrying about materials getting wet in the rain.
  • Made from ABS plastic, which makes it lightweight yet strong.
  • British made.

Roofarack benefits

A versatile roof-top box, Roofarack is ideal for transporting sheet materials securely. No matter the weather – rain, shine, or howling winds – your materials will be unaffected and you will not have to stop and check they are still securely fastened or worry about losing anything along the way and causing damage. You have also saved yourself a lot of time tying and untying materials from the roof of your van, not to mention making it much easier to load and unload.

As well as sheet materials stored inside Roofarack, the three bars along the top give you the option of securing ladders and pipes as well. Put all this together and you have just released a whole lot of space inside your van for other things such as tools or larger items that could cause damage to sheeting materials if transported together.

Made from strong, lightweight ABS plastic you can be sure that it will last you for a long time, giving you a great return on your investment from day one. To reassure you further, Roofarack has been crash tested making it compliant with international standards organisation (ISO) requirements – so you know that it is of a high standard.

CVS Van Hire is the exclusive supplier of Roofarack for the London area. You are welcome to talk to us about it, find out more about whether it can benefit you, or visit us for a demonstration. If you decide to buy one we will fit it for you, giving you further peace of mind that is well secured to your vehicle.

While you are at it, if you are considering changing vehicles we can help with that too. Whatever you need, just give us a call on 020 8003 2854 or drop us a line via our contact page.