03 Aug 2017
Why you should hire a van for Notting Hill Carnival
Taking place on the 27th and 28th August 2017, the annual Notting Hill Carnival is not to be missed. A mesmerising affair of sights and sounds, it is a spectacle to behold and the ideal place for people who love to party. For those who don’t want to hit the dancefloor, the floats, impressive costumes and delicious food are enough to entice anyone to take a visit to Notting Hill during the August Bank Holiday weekend.


15 Jun 2017
Best Driving Routes To Glastonbury Festival
Without a doubt, the most convenient and practical method of transport for Glastonbury festival is with your own car or van. With so much camping equipment and other vital festival necessities in your luggage, a vehicle is far less tiring than lugging your stuff from the train to a coach. Having a van also gives you a place to dry off and keep your belongings safe should a torrential downpour ensure. You never know, it may be the only warm and dry place you find all weekend!

21 Apr 2017
Five festivals you need to hire a van for
Finally… warmer weather is breaking through after what seems like a winter that lasted a lifetime. The festival season will soon be upon us – a tense time going to battle over tickets for the hottest gigs up and down the country, and after all that hard work – frantically dialling and redialling and holding for what seems like hours, you’re in. Next stop? (more…)

16 Mar 2017
Summer Vehicle Check
The hot summer months are pretty tough for the average vehicle – rising temperatures and increased mileage for staycations are just two of the reasons why this season should demand just as many vehicle checks as winter.


16 Dec 2016
How to drive a van safely
Many car drivers have told us about their experience of driving vans for the first time and how  driving a van is, in some ways, very different to driving a car.

As a response, we have put together this short guide. We hope motorists who are driving a van for the first time will find it valuable, and that it will be a welcome reminder for those who have not driven a van for a while.