25 Nov 2020
Each year, once the festive season is upon us, the demand rises for one of our most requested vans. Alongside our refrigerated vehicles which are ideal for catering parties of a large size, Christmas can be our Luton vans time to shine. This year has been a little different and is looking as though it will continue to stay this way for the rest of 2020, and so with less catering requirements needed for office Christmas parties, new year’s celebrations or the famous Christmas dinner usually served down at your local, the demand for Luton vans is creeping up higher than ever.


26 Oct 2020
Whether you are renting or have just bought your own van, sitting behind the steering wheel for the first time can quite often be a daunting moment for most drivers. The height, vehicle size and the simple fact that you are one mirror down can cause a degree of uncertainty about the drive ahead. Today, we are here to lend you some helpful tips to ensure that your first drive behind the wheel of a van is safe and steady.


28 Sep 2020
The option of hiring a van can come in useful during many situations, from corporate business use to special occasions, but are you aware of just how convenient they could be for you? We have summarised the reasons in which people most commonly rent our vans. (more…)

27 Jul 2020
With it looking as though staycations are the way forward this year, we have gathered a few of our favourite UK destinations for you to visit. If you are planning to travel as a family, it may be more practical to hire a van for your travels, allowing you to pack everything needed for your break whilst still having enough room to drive safely and comfortably. There are some of our favorite locations, perfect for those getaways for the summer. (more…)

10 Jun 2020
Usually, this is the time of year when families would be pondering ideas for some great days out in preparation for the last day of the school term and the six week summer holidays ahead of them.  Unusually, there is a lockdown on and so this year’s summer of fun will need to include as many outdoor activities as possible where families can keep to the 2 metre social distance recommendations.  Why not consider adding London’s Royal Parks to your plans.  They offer everything you need for a day out and are guaranteed to wear the little ones out.  We take a closer look at two of the eight Royal Parks in London – one is the biggest and the other is the oldest. (more…)

18 May 2020
How to keep your van secure
The ownership of a van usually signifies the possession of expensive tools which sadly, may be of interest to thieves. It is not un-common to hear of a van burglary, which is what gives a lot of drivers the fear. Today, we have recapped the most helpful ways in which to secure your van and deter thieves. (more…)

08 May 2020
If you are a van owner and looking to promote your company, you might be considering investing some budget into some big branded signage to have on display across it. Van signage has become increasingly popular among small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), mainly due to the cost-effective advertising that derives from it. We explore what type of signs are popular among our customers and consider the advantages and disadvantages of sign writing vans. You will then be able to weigh up if they would be a good choice for your business. (more…)