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Group One

These chiller vans are around the same size as a short wheel base transit van. Perfect for small parties and transportation. Ideal for smaller catering events.

Fridge GROUP 1

Fridge SWB G1

Internal Sizes Imperial Metric
Length 7ft 7″ 2.34 m
Width 5ft 4″ 1.64 m
Height 4ft 2″ 1.28 m

Maximum Payload: 1000 kg

Additional Options (subject to availability):

  • CD Player
  • Tow Bar

Group Two

Our second class of refrigerated vans are around the same dimensions as a long wheel base transit van. Ideal for larger catering functions. Popular with Weddings / Festivals / Parties.

Fridge GROUP 2

Fridge LWB G2

Internal Sizes Imperial Metric
Length 10ft 3.04 m
Width 5ft 2” 1.57 m
Height 5ft 7” 1.70 m

Maximum Payload: 1400 kg

Group Three

Our third class of refrigerated vans are our largest refrigerated vans offering the vast amount of refrigerated space. They are a full 1 metre longer than our group 2 van. Offering a 4 metre load area! The best choice for large catering functions / Weddings / Festivals / Parties.

Fridge GROUP 3

Fridge Extra LWB G3

Internal Sizes Imperial Metric
Length 13ft 4″ 4.07 m
Width 5ft 4” 1.82 m
Height 5ft 75” 1.75 m

Maximum Payload: 1500 kg

Rental Prices + VATLonger Term Discounts Available On Request
Type of fuel: Diesel
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8am Mon)
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FRIDGE - Group 3Refrigerated Van Group 3BPrice
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Refrigerated vans or chiller vans are vans where the cargo can be maintained at user-controlled temperatures between eight degrees celsius and freezing point (depending on how often the doors are opened). All the refrigerated vans as supplied by CVS Van Hire are built to very high standards, and are ideal to be used to transport items that need to be maintained at a certain temperature.

Included with all hires is a standby lead to maintain the temperature when you arrive at your destination.

Fridge Van Hire in London

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