Plenty of companies say that they are a family-owned business, but how many can trace their lineage back through three generations? If you take advantage of the services offered by us here at CVS Van Hire, you’ll instantly have available over 50 years of experience within the automotive industry.


CVS Van Hire was formed in 1961
by Des Frost

Our family business was formed in 1961 by our grandfather, Des Frost. He completed his military service in the Middlesex Regiment, fought for his country in the Suez Crisis and then after leaving the army he went to work for an independent company managing 10 sites across London selling vehicles.

At this time Des decided to start his own business, and acquired our present-day site on White Hart Lane, Tottenham in North London, the founding company name was D.F. Frost Motors.

Des placed his cherished business into the
hands of his sons, Paul and Stephen

After over two decades of success selling commercial vehicles, Des decided it was time to retire and, in 1986, he placed his cherished business into the hands of his sons, Paul and Stephen. Both Paul and Stephen were very close brothers and complimented each other in that they were both highly experienced mechanics. Their work ethics and respect and trust for each other made them the perfect business partners. Commercial Vehicle Sales (Tottenham) Ltd was formed.

The brothers soon had the business running as efficiently as it had been under Des throughout the sixties and the seventies and they worked tirelessly to build upon the foundation that their father had built.



Paul and Stephen developed the business
beyond sales

In 1990 Paul and Stephen made exciting plans to develop the business beyond sales,. The recession made it clear that they needed to expand the company into the new spheres of van hire and vehicle maintenance. As the business grew so did our London site to accommodate the extra vehicles. We soon became a leading name in the area for this service and our customers started to abbreviate our name to CVS Van Hire.

Pretty soon CVS Van Hire’s location, right by White Hart Lane Railway Station, had the capacity to hold over one hundred vehicles of all shapes and varieties from cars, to small vans through to minibuses and tipper trucks.

Eventually, the time came for the next generation of the Frost family to commence their careers at CVS Van Hire. Paul’s sons, Richard and James, had began their working life at their father’s company during the school holidays keeping the vans maintained. They grew up with the family run business and both hold a very keen interest in vehicles.

The directorship of the business was
passed to the hands of Richard and James

In 2015 Paul knew it was time to pass CVS Van Hire onto the next generation, and so the directorship of the business was passed to the hands of Richard and James. They promised to remain true to the legacy tirelessly generated by the hard work and dedication of their Grandfather, Father and Uncle.



And so we come to the present day – where it remains our mission to maintain our vans in A1 condition for the benefit of all our customers, and to provide and maintain a safe and secure working environment at all times for the benefit of our staff. We are a close knit team with a real passion for vehicles – our staff have been with us for a long time and whilst we are a 3rd generation family business, our whole team are part of the family.

We are always polite and professional in everything we do, and we do all we can to remain approachable and friendly. It was this ethos that our Grandfather, Des Frost, adopted all those years ago, and it’s one that has held CVS Van Hire in good stead for over half a century.

So, if you need van hire, van sales or van maintenance in the London area, we truly hope that CVS Van Hire will be the company you will turn to and – after your initial engagement with us – it will be the company you will turn to time and time again.

Please feel free to call us on 020 8131 3573, or you can email us at [email protected].