If you are considering hiring a van or minibus in and around London, the location of the van hire company depot shouldn’t be an issue.

At CVS we can arrange a convenient drop off point to deliver and collect your van from to make things even easier for you.

Delivery & Collection is available between 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

How to arrange delivery and collection

Simply include this on your online booking and specify your postcode. If you are arranging a booking in person or over the telephone, just let one of our team know that you require this service.

If you haven’t hired from us before that’s no problem, but there are a few things we will need:

  1. Driving license
  2. License check code / national insurance number
  3. A recent proof of address like a bill, statement etc.
  4. Payment on a card.

Upon delivery of the vehicle the card holder and driver will need to be present for a visual check of these documents.

Please note, delivery can only be arranged to the hirers address

How much does it cost?

CVS Van Hire Map


The above map and key indicates the cost for the delivery and collection service. It does not include the cost of hiring the van.

Prices are subject to 20% VAT.

Get in touch

For more information or to make arrangements to hire a van or minibus, call us today on 020 8108 3176.

Ensuring the welfare of our customers

During the handover process, we will ensure that our staff adhere to all social distancing guidance and avoid contact with any customers.

All vehicles will be thoroughly disinfected before the transfer of the keys to our customer.