Why you should hire a van for Notting Hill Carnival

Why you should hire a van for Notting Hill Carnival

Taking place on the 27th and 28th August 2017, the annual Notting Hill Carnival is not to be missed. A mesmerising affair of sights and sounds, it is a spectacle to behold and the ideal place for people who love to party. For those who don’t want to hit the dancefloor, the floats, impressive costumes and delicious food are enough to entice anyone to take a visit to Notting Hill during the August Bank Holiday weekend.

What is the Notting Hill Carnival celebrated?

Designed to celebrate the multiculturalism of London and the UK as a whole. The Carnival emphasised the Caribbean culture and tradition celebrating the Caribbean communities around the city. It truly is a vibrant party that brings everyone together. While it focusses on the community, it opens its arms to everyone as it is the largest street festival in Europe.

When does the party start?

Starting at 6 am on Sunday, the family day, the party continues throughout the day and long into the night, with many bars and clubs keeping the party going long into the early hours. On Monday, festivities begin at 9 am and again, will go on long after your feet can’t dance anymore.

Whenever you arrive, there is bound to be something to entertain you across 70 of the performing stages, the 40 static sound systems, and the countless floats during the two-day fun-filled party.

Businesses and trading at Notting Hill Carnival

With over 2 million people attending the festival and being larger than a startling 11 Glastonbury festivals, it is a significant addition to the local economy and a huge profit boost for businesses. It is estimated that Notting Hill Carnival adds £93 million to the local economy while revellers enjoy the fact that the party is completely free.

Food stalls, musicians, craft stalls and clothing outlets will see a remarkable trade by selling at the second largest carnival in the world. While the sound system and technical support hire are vital to keeping the party going. To be prepared, you need the right transport.

Hiring a Luton van for Notting Hill Carnival

The Luton van is an incredibly popular choice for businesses attending festivals and carnivals such as the iconic Notting Hill Carnival. It is a highly functional van choice, with huge capacity and the flexibility you need as most come with a practical tail lift. With a Luton van, you can transport your gear in high volumes, making sure you always have enough stock for your customers.

For businesses, not bringing enough stock to an event can be catastrophic and a real missed an opportunity. Don’t let your business suffer and hire a bigger van to transport more stock, minimising the number of trips you need to make and ensuring you can stay in the happy party spirit, rather than worrying about not having all you need to hand.

For events like these, hiring a larger van makes more economic sense, allowing you to maximise profits and reduce your time spent travelling and more time serving your customers.

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