Reasons why you might hire a van

Reasons why you might hire a van

The option of hiring a van can come in useful during many situations, from corporate business use to special occasions, but are you aware of just how convenient they could be for you? We have summarised the reasons for which people most commonly rent our vans.

Staycation. Staycations are proving increasingly popular, especially today. With the option of van rental available, there is no need to squeeze the entire families belongings into the boot, the footwells and onto peoples laps for that long journey across the country for your getaway. With various sizes available, you could opt to hire a van that suits your sized group and luggage, allowing each passenger to travel in spacious comfort whilst knowing that their luggage is stored safely in the back of the vehicle.

Airport trips. Large group holidays include numerous amounts of cases and bags. Hiring a van would allow all baggage to be stored safely within one vehicle, limiting the number of cars you would need to travel in, saving money on petrol and contributing to the lowering of pollution levels. Long-lasting trips abroad or one-way ticket trips also often come with exceeding amounts of luggage. Van rental would allow you to safely store and secure numerous suitcases and baggage inside of the vehicle, allowing you to head to the airport in safety and comfort.

Uni move. Moving to University often involves hauling your entire bedroom (and no doubt more!) up to the other end of the country and a lot of emotion. On motorways, you often see cramped families who have squeezed themselves into over-packed cars full of kitchen utensils, duvets, entire wardrobes and a stock of other belongings, most of them making more than one trip. Van rental would allow you to travel in comfort knowing that your belongings are stored safely in the back of the van, saving time on loading and travelling and allowing the uni moving experience to become easier for everyone involved.

Moving home. One of the most popular rental reasons. Many reach out to professional removal companies when relocating which is often unnecessary, especially if you are moving to a nearby property. With a level of support and strength between you, loading up a rental van and delivering your belongings to the new home by yourself frees up additional opportunities, such as the freedom to travel back and forth as many times as you wish while not having to fit into a companies schedule.

Events. There are numerous events in which van rental could prove beneficial to you. From a gig with the entourage of a band and their untold amounts of equipment, to special occasions such as weddings or birthday parties with enough decorations to fill a large room. Any event could benefit from the additional portable storage space of a van. Safely load and store all the equipment your event requires and take it on the road with you.

Business. It is common for businesses to rent a van for short term instances, such as corporate events, meetings or relocations. Long term van rental could provide money savings for your business. When purchasing a vehicle, you are required to make an investment towards that it, whist the option of renting eliminates those additional costs of insurance, tax and MOT, resulting in a cost-effective business opportunity.

If you are preparing for a journey which would benefit from van hire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at CVS Van Hire who can offer effective and honest advice about the vehicle that would suit your requirements. Call us at  020 8003 1184 to find out more.

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