What is the payload limit for vans?


When you are hiring a van, one of the most important things to consider is the maximum payload. It is vital that the van you hire is capable of transporting all your items. By familiarising yourself with the maximum payload of differently sized vans, you can hire the right van for every job without wasting any time. Take a look at how much weight different vans can handle:

Payload limits for vans

Based on their size and type, different vans can handle different payloads. Read our guide to find out which van has the biggest maximum payload:

  • Small van

If you want a van that is convenient and easy to drive, a small van is a great choice. These vans are sleek and compact, perfect for transporting slightly smaller items. These vans can still withstand a reasonable payload despite being smaller than others, with a maximum limit of 850kg.

  • Medium van

Medium-sized vans are an excellent option if you need to move slightly heavier or a larger quantity of items. They are enjoyable to drive and extremely efficient, capable of handling a more significant payload than small vans. The maximum payload of these vehicles is 1085kg, making them a great solution for anyone whose current van is slightly too small.

  • Large van

If a medium van is not suitable for your payload, don’t worry. There are plenty of vehicles available that can withstand heavier items. Large vans are the perfect solution for anyone needing to transport many small objects or a few large objects, perhaps during a house move. They can handle a maximum payload of 1550kg, making them an excellent option for anyone with a significant quantity of items to transport.

  • Extra-long wheelbase van

Extra-long wheelbase vans are one of the largest panel vans that you can hire, and they offer an impressive amount of storage space. If you need to carry out a large move, an extra-long wheelbase van could be right for you. Despite having a slightly smaller maximum payload than large vans, their extra length makes them perfect for transporting certain items. The maximum payload of an extra-long wheelbase van is 1400kg.

  • Luton van

Luton vans are ideal for delivery companies and anyone preparing to move house. Not only are they a good choice due to their storage space, but they can also be supplied with a tail lift to make the loading and unloading of the vehicle far more straightforward. With a maximum payload of 900kg and plenty of space to transport items, Luton vans are a great choice.

  • Refrigerated

Refrigerated vans or chiller vans are capable of handling a significant payload as well as maintaining a low temperature. You can control how cold the van is, keeping your items at any temperature between freezing point and 8 degrees Celsius. Refrigerated vans can withstand payloads of up to 1400kg.

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