Tips on how to choose a refrigerated van

Tips on how to choose a refrigerated van

If your business requires some form of refrigeration for your products, then hiring a refrigerated vehicle may be the most cost-effective solution for you. But, just like any other vehicle type, refrigerated vans are not all made equal. There are various types that will cater to different needs – and, by extension, businesses – and you want to be sure to get it right or it could prove to be a very costly mistake if your merchandise is ruined. This month we take a look at the three key things to think about when choosing a refrigerated van.


While many products will be fine under a range of temperatures, there are some that will be ruined if it varies by a couple of degrees. Take ice cream, for example. If it melts, even slightly, it will result in ice that turns to water and then potentially even refreezes. This will affect the texture and could even be dangerous to eat if this happens multiple times.

If your products need to be kept at a constant temperature or you make numerous deliveries during a single trip, then look out for a vehicle with an accurate refrigeration system. A triple door is a great option for those multi-delivery stops, while a back-up refrigeration system is a must-have to protect your products from any problems with temperature.


Depending on what it is you are delivering, you may need to consider the total weight of your products and any additional elements used to keep them fresh. Fish and seafood, for example, are best kept at near-freezing temperatures requiring large amounts of ice. Meat, on the other hand, may not require ice to keep it frozen, but it is heavy in its own right. If you operate with either of these products, or ones with similar requirements, they will add significant weight to your payload.

For these, you need a refrigerated van that not only gives you the necessary temperature control but that is also robust and will withstand the additional weight. Look out for vehicles with meat racks as well as tail lifts to help you manage your products safely.

High-spec products

Products with high specifications or ones that require very specific temperatures, such as pharmaceuticals or medical supplies, also require the right type of vehicle that can meet those specifications. Any deviation from the necessary standards and you could end up with spoiled supplies that could be a danger to public health or pharmaceutical ingredients that are no longer active.

In these instances, look for vans that offer a choice of high specification for your precise needs, dual compartments that allow you to transport different products that require different refrigeration settings, and a back-up system as standard to deal with any power cuts.

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