Tips for moving furniture


Whether you’re moving house or moving office, it’s likely you’ll want to take some furniture with you for use at your new property. Furniture can often be heavy, and it’s not easy to move large items such as sofas or tables. You should take care when moving these items, taking them apart where you can and securing them properly so that they can be transported safely. Following these simple tips can help you to move your furniture carefully so that it remains in its best condition, and so that you can avoid injury.

Take items apart

Before getting started with moving your furniture, taking items apart can help make the process a lot easier, and means you won’t have to lift heavy items all at once. It can also allow you to fit pieces of furniture through doorways more easily. Make sure to keep a note of how you disassembled your furniture, or you have kept the assembly instructions, so that you will know how to put it back together once you get to your new property.

Get help

Moving furniture will always be a quicker and easier process if you have a helping hand. Attempting to move large, heavy items by yourself will not only be slow, but you could cause yourself an injury. Always ensure you have a friend or family member that can help you with large items such as sofas, as these can not only be heavy but also difficult to manoeuvre through doorways. Having this assistance can help make sure you do not damage any of your furniture.

Protect your furniture

The last thing you will want to do is have to replace furniture if it has been damaged in the moving process, as this will only add unnecessary expenditure to your house move. Before packing your items into your van, make sure they are protected properly. You can use packing blankets or plastic wrapping to prevent marks on valuable items. You can position thick pieces of cardboard on corners of furniture or between items to prevent them from being damaged. Make sure you have plenty of bubble wrap to protect more fragile furniture.

Lift items carefully

Safety is of the utmost importance when moving heavy items. It can be easy to lift furniture incorrectly and cause yourself injury, so make sure you are using correct lifting techniques. You should always avoid putting too much strain on your back, by keeping your back straight and bending your knees when lifting, using the power of your lower body. When turning and navigating corners, turn your body with your legs rather than your hips, as this can also prevent damaging your back. You should also always make sure you’re dressed appropriately to lift items, with clothing and footwear preventing you from causing injury to yourself.

Bare in mind these tips whenever you are moving furniture as part of your house move, as this can make the process more straightforward. If you require a van for your move, you can rely on us at CVS Van Hire. We have a range of different sized vans to choose from, so that you can transport your belongings safely and securely. Get booked in with us by calling 020 8003 1184 or send us an email at


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