Theme Parks in the UK for the School Holidays

Keeping children entertained throughout the school holidays can challenge even the most imaginative of parents. Why not take them out to a theme park. It makes for a great family day out, and many theme parks have seasonally themed attractions that will keep your children thrilled all year round.

October Half-Term

It’s the time of year for some Halloween-themed fun. Thorpe Park’s Fright Night is the perfect solution, with horror-themed attractions guaranteed to scare, and not just the little ones. The park will be filled with themed haunted mazes including: The Walking Dead: Do or Die, Blair Witch and Vulcan Peak. Each maze is inhabited by actors who give live performances to startle and terrify you.

In Vulcan Peak, you must make their way through a pitch-black maze, and Blair Witch sees you roaming through the woods trying to avoid the scary witch. The theme is continued throughout the park with zombies and killer clowns on the roam after sundown.

Thorpe Park’s other attractions remain open well into the night, so you and your family can go on to enjoy some of their famous roller coasters such as Stealth and Nemesis Inferno.

Christmas Holidays

There’s nothing that evokes Christmas festivities more than ice-skating hand-in-hand with your loved ones. Blackpool Pleasure Beach has its own Ice Arena, the oldest purpose-built ice theatre in the world and host of the world-famous Hot Ice show. For those who don’t wish to participate, the arena has theatre seating where non-skaters watch in comfort.

When you’re tired of ice-skating, you can sample the huge range of other fun activities that Blackpool has to offer. With 125 rides and attractions, and a dozen roller coasters, there’s no shortage of thrills and spills to keep your family entertained.

Easter Holidays

Easter is the time of the Easter Bunny and what better way to celebrate than visit the Hoppy Easter event at Paultons Park. Your children will love meeting Bobtail Bunny, Betty Bunny, Hennie the Hedgehog and Red the Deer. But keep a watchful eye out for the mischievous Fenton Fox who’ll have his crafty eye on any tasty Easter treats you may have.

There’s a spring activities workshop where your little ones can make an Easter card, a Daffodil Windmill, a pop-up bunny or a rabbit magnet. The park will be decorated with giant Easter Eggs and Bunnies throughout the Easter Period.

Don’t forget to explore Paulton Park’s other features, which include Peppa Pig World, dinosaur theme park Lost Kingdom and over 70 rides and attractions.

Summer Holidays

Summer brings blazing sunshine and scorching days. What better way to cool off than to take your family on a white-knuckle water ride that will thrill any adrenaline junkie? Drayton Manor’s Stormforce 10 is a heart-stopping, three-drop water ride that recreates the story of a lifeboat rescue.

The ride begins with the boat in the launch area. The start of the ride sees the boat plunging 10ft into the water. The ride continues with the boat encircling a waterfall structure before climbing 30ft up the next hill. Then the boat encircles two turntables and ascends a 60ft hill before descending into the final and largest drop, resulting in a spectacular splash of water.

When you’ve finished, Drayton Manor has over 100 other rides and attractions to keep you family entertained, as well as a 15-acre zoo and a 4D cinema.

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