Taking a hire van abroad – everything you need to know

Taking a hire van abroad – everything you need to know

With 2023 now upon us, the possibility of being able to travel abroad once again is drawing closer, so what better time to cover one of the topics we are most commonly questioned about: taking a rental van abroad.

Can rental vans be taken abroad?

The majority of UK rental companies will offer a service that allows you to travel overseas in one of their vehicles, but you must enquire and arrange for this with reasonable notice to ensure that all required documentation and insurance policies can be arranged. However, it is worth checking with your chosen hire company as their specific overseas policy may vary.

How does Brexit affect this process?

With Brexit having now reached completion, there are a few additional steps in regard to required documentation to allow you to travel overseas in a rental vehicle. Your hire company may have to supply you with proof of insurance in the form of a “Green Card” that should accompany your driver’s license. This will stand for journeys to the following locations:

  • EU (The European Union)
  • EEA (European Economic Area)
  • Andorra
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland

Of course, you should always check with your chosen rental company to see if they require any further additions or if they still allow their vehicles to be taken overseas.

What other documents will be required?

Alongside the now required “Green Card”, drivers travelling overseas in a rental van must withhold a copy of all registration documents as well as a VE103B form, otherwise referred to as a Vehicle on Hire Certificate, which will be supplied to you by your hire company in replacement for the V5C vehicle registration document which you will not be eligible to carry as you are not the owner of the vehicle. Without a valid VE103B, European police and border controls are able to prevent you from continuing with your journey.

You will also need to enquire about vehicle insurance. If your rental company do not arrange for this, you should do so yourself.

What happens if a breakdown or accident occurs whilst abroad?

The standard procedure for accidents abroad closely follows those within the UK. If there are any injuries or dangers present, you must call emergency services. You must also take note of the vehicle registrations, names and addresses of others involved, and seek out any witnesses. You should then contact your hire company to make them aware of the situation and follow their regulations and guidance.

If your rental van experiences a breakdown whilst overseas, you should call your hire company and request for their breakdown assistance number.

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