Where are the best service stations in the UK?


Road trips are something which are enjoyed by many, but no matter how much you enjoy them, the need to stop off and stretch your legs is often a necessity. When pulling into your closest service station, the building will either have the ability to fill you with dread, or excitement. From single, dingy restaurants to full centres accompanied with arcades and shops, it’s fair to say service stations do vary. In case you have a road trip looming, we thought we’d create a list of the UK’s best rated service stations, so that your pit stops can become an enjoyable part of the experience.

The UK’s best rated service stations

Which? recently carried out a survey to rate over 60 service stations on the range and quality of food and shopping outlets, costs, hygiene, accessibility and ability to social distance – something which is still favoured by many across the country. The results of their poll revealed the following service stations as the most highly-rated in the UK.

Gloucester, Westmorland Service Station, M5

Located between junctions 11A and 12 lies Westmorland’s Gloucester service station. With a customer score of 86%, this stop provides restaurants and shopping facilities worthy of five stars. The location is also easily accessible for everyone, and provides clean and safely-spaced seating for all.

Tebay, Westmorland Service Station, M6

Coming in top again, Westmorland’s service station in Tebay is located between junctions 38 and 39. Which? readers rated the service station with an 83% satisfaction rating, confirming that the facilities here are also clean, accessible and worthy of a five-star rating.

Cairn Lodge, Westmorland Service Station, M74

It seems to be no surprise that Westmorland comes in third with their service station in Cairn Lodge. This stop off is located between junctions 11 and 12 and has been given a customer satisfaction rating of 69%. Whilst this is a slight drop from the previous percentages, the station still does well to hold onto third place.

Norton Canes, Roadchef Service Station, M6 (toll)

Located between junctions 6 and 7, Roadchef’s service station in Norton Canes is the best of its kind according to readers. The customer satisfaction rating for this stop off is 65%, with food and shopping facilities, cleanliness and accessibility all worthy of four stars.

Whetherby, Moto Service Station, A1(M)

Moto’s Whetherby service station is located at junction 46, and boats a 61% customer satisfaction rating. Whilst the cleanliness, accessibility and ability to social distance safely have been given four-star ratings, the shopping and eating facilities have been give just three-stars.

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