Moving house checklist: 8 simple steps

One of the most common times of year to move into a new property is during the summer. At this time of year, the weather is less likely to make things difficult and people’s availability tends to be slightly less packed. If you’re moving this summer, it might seem like the big day has crept up on you! When moving house, one of the best ways to keep the stress at bay is to devise a checklist, ensuring you’re taking all the necessary steps and doing everything you need to. You’re in luck – we’ve provided just the checklist…

1. Declutter your home

Moving to a new property is the perfect time to introduce a fresh start to the rest of your life. This includes your belongings. A declutter will help you dispose of anything that you no longer need, creating chaos in your home! You can throw away anything that is too old to be used, donate items that could benefit other people, and decide what you will be taking to your beloved new home.

2. Create a packing plan

One of the most stress-saving steps you can take is to plan your packing agenda. This ensures that you can tackle packing up your home in chunks, saving it from being overwhelming. Take your house room by room, packing items into boxes and leaving out anything you may still need. Starting well in advance is one of our top tips. This ensures that if setbacks happen your process is still underway.

3. Label everything

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new property and being flooded with identical cardboard boxes. Your unpacking process will be made so much easier if you have labelled your boxes, splitting them into separate rooms. This will allow you to put certain boxes in their new allocated rooms as soon as you arrive in the property, saving you from any hassle and confusion.

4. Create an ‘essentials’ box

An ‘essentials’ box, could be your saviour. The last thing you will want to do straight away after moving is start unpacking your boxes, trying to find pots and pans for your evening meal. An essentials box should include your basics, such as a couple of outfits, cooking equipment, any important documents, and your valuables. This will let you live in comfort until you are unpacked.

5. Deep clean both properties

There’s nothing that says ‘fresh start’ more than a deep clean. Thoroughly cleaning your old property is a great way to make the new owners feel welcome, and you will feel more settled moving out of a clean property. Cleaning your new home will guarantee that you feel comfortable in the space, knowing that it is yours and that you can start your life from scratch in the property.

6. Record meter readings

Just before you move out of your old property, you should take a note of your meter readings. This is so that you have proof of when you moved out when you receive your final bill from that house if there are any inconsistencies. This will ensure that you aren’t paying for any energy that someone else is using! Keep hold of this information until you no longer need it.

7. Register your change of address

There will be more people that need to be notified of your move than you may think… If you don’t notify people of your move, important information may be delivered to the wrong address, and you may miss something necessary. Make sure you let your bank know, as well as your local authority, insurance company, doctors’ surgery, HMRC, and the post office. You should also redirect your post.

8. Arrange your van!

One of the last factors you should consider is your transport. If you’re handling your removal by yourself, hiring a Luton van is a brilliant option. With a large amount of space, you can organise your belongings to simplify the unpacking process, and the spacious interior means that friends and family can get involved to help with the loading and unloading processes. This option provides you with freedom during your move.

If you’re in need of a van for your house move, get in touch with us so that you can book one on a day that fits in with your availability! Here at CVS Van Hire, our vans are reliable and spacious. Call us on 020 8003 1184 or email

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