How to maximise space when packing books


Anyone who is passionate about reading needs to know the best way to transport their books in the event of a house move. While it may not seem like the most important thing to prepare for before you move house, there are tips you can follow to ensure that you maximise space and minimise risk of your books being damaged. Here are our top tips for maximising space when you are packing books:

Find the right boxes

You need to find boxes that are sturdy enough to hold the books you are going to transport, and big enough to fit them. Using double corrugated cardboard boxes will ensure that your books are safe. Books can be heavier than you might expect, so you need to make sure you find the right boxes for the job.

Use padding

Using a layer of tissue paper, bubble wrap, or newspaper to pad the boxes will help to protect your books from being damaged. Without sufficient padding, your books could be scratched, scuffed, or dented. When you pad your boxes, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your books are safe.

Consider the weight

As is the case when you are packing any items, you should always pack your heaviest books first. Put the books with the largest surface area and heaviest weight at the bottom of your boxes so that your smaller books are not damaged.

Fill any gaps

When you are loading books into your boxes, make sure not to leave any gaps that could allow movement to occur. If your books can shift during the moving process, there is a risk that they may become damaged. If you slide your books into any gaps that appear, there will be no risk of them being thrown around while the van is moving.

Use packing tape

Another way that you can prevent your books being thrown around and getting scuffed is to use packing tape. It will also help your box withstand the weight of your books. If you wrap packing tape around the bottom of each box, it will be less likely to weaken.

Label your boxes

While it may not make a difference to space when packing your books, it will be very helpful once you have arrived at your new property. You will be able to quickly identify which boxes are for which room, saving you lots of time during the unpacking process.

Hire a van

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