Making the most out of your storage space

Making the most out of your storage space

When transporting goods in your rental van, the idea of multiple back-and-forth journeys doesn’t seem appealing, but there is one simple way to prevent this… make the most out of your storage space!

It is important to remember that each van has a payload limit. Always check this with your rental company to ensure that you remain within UK road safety regulations, and the law.

Vans of all sizes come with large amounts of open space to store countless items, from food to furniture, and so by packing your van efficiently, you can limit those journeys and cut down your total travel time as well as fuel consumption. Loading a van efficiently takes planning, and here are the main factors to consider:


Many items can be disassembled but this step is often skipped to save time. However, if this will result in you making an additional (and unneeded) journey to collect those last few items that didn’t fit in the first load, disassembling is the way forward. Take the legs off of tables and flat pack that bed – it will save you heaps of space in your van and heaps of time in your day!

Order by weight

Make a plan before loading your van. You should place all heavy objects at the base of the vehicle, lining the edges with the heaviest to keep your van even and stable whilst travelling. You should then work your way up until all of your lighter belongings are at the top, keeping them from as safe as possible during transportation. You could also store your most fragile items in the passenger seat, either boxed and strapped in, secured within the footwell or safely on the lap of your passenger.

Pack your items tightly

This may seem a simple step, but by packing your items tightly (almost like a real-life game of Tetris) you are not only allowing yourself to store more items on board but will also be preventing the ability of movement once on the road, keeping your items secure and preventing from any breakages. This step can be applied for any item, such as standard boxes to dining table chairs.

Along with efficient storage techniques, your van rental company may be able to provide your rented vehicle with accessories before collection, allowing you to take your storage to the next level. This can include:

  • The fixture of a tow bar
  • The addition of secure roof bars and roof racks
  • On-board rails

Here at CVS Van Hire, not only can we provide you with expert advice on making the most out of your vehicles storage space whilst remaining compliant with its payload restrictions, but we can also securely assemble additions to your vehicle, allowing you to transport your load in a variety of ways. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more by calling 020 8003 1184.

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