How to increase the security of your van

Securing your van is crucial in safeguarding your valuable possessions and maintaining peace of mind. Whether you use your van for work, travel or personal use, taking proactive steps to enhance its security can significantly reduce the risk of theft or damage. We explore the effective strategies you can adopt to secure our van and protect your belongings whilst on the road.

Enhance the strength of your windows

Windows are vulnerable entry points which are often used as main points of entry by thieves. You can enhance the strength of your windows by installing metal grilles or blanks to make it harder to gain entry into the vehicle. Blinds or window tinting film can also prevent prying eyes from seeing what is kept inside of your van at any time.

Invest in an alarm system

By installing an alarm system to your vehicle, you can integrate motion sensors, door and window sensors which all activate as a loud siren. This sound can capture the attention of those near your vehicle, as well as deter thieves from continuing with their ulterior motive.

Secure or remove your valuables

Whenever possible, we would always recommend removing valuables or anything of interest from your van – especially overnight. If this isn’t going to be possible for certain items, you should consider investing in lockable cabinets such as a safe. Having this bolted to the ground or wall of your van and locked with a secure code will make it harder to attempt a burglary, and most often deter thieves.

Install a GPS Tracker

Investing in a GPS tracking device can allow you to monitor your van’s location in real-time. In case of a burglary, this can increase the chances of recovering it in case of theft or improve accuracy when reporting to the police.

Park Strategically

When it comes to leaving your van unattended, you should park strategically. Choose well-lit, busy areas wherever possible. You should also try to find a location where you can park with your doors up against a wall or hedge, increasing the difficulty of gaining entry. If possible, as is with a host of public car parks, you can opt for locations covered by CCTV cameras.

Insure Your Van

Sometimes, the worst can happen, but investing in insurance can provide you with some relief. Research the policies available and be sure that the one you choose covers acts such as theft and damage, and provides replacement of stolen items.

Are you wondering how you could keep your van secure, or need advice for implementing any of the above? Here at CVS Van Hire, we are experts in everything surrounding vans – especially the ones we provide for hire. From Luton vans to minibuses, we have something for every need. Get in touch to find out more.


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