Getting ready for your UK minibreak


Thankfully, we’re getting to the point where going on holiday is looking more and more likely! However, with travel abroad still uncertain, it’s worth thinking about booking a trip around the UK to guarantee some quality time away.

Road trips are famous for being some of the most enjoyable holidays there are. However, there’s nothing worse than friends cramped inside a small car with shoulders crushed together and someone’s heavy bag cradled in your arms. Why not consider hiring a minibus for your staycation? With this guide on getting ready for your minibreak, all you’ll be left to do is look forward to your time away!

Choosing the best van

With a wide selection of vans to choose from, you may find it difficult to pick. First, decide on how many people are coming on your trip. With the numbers known, you’ll find it easier to book a van for the right amount of people. If your group of eight is likely to tow their entire wardrobe in luggage, you may want to size up from the nine-seater to the fourteen-seater van, so that you know you’ll have enough room to spread out. Comfort is key!

Plan your route

Although getting lost on a road trip is part of the charm, it’s wise to plan your route ahead of time. The spontaneity of reading a map can get old over time, and your passengers will feel better with the knowledge that you know where you’re going.

By using a map app on your smart phone, such as Google maps, Waze or Apple maps, you will be able to plan your route by the press of a button, no matter how far. These apps may also display icons for service stations along the way, or local attractions, so that you can make stops during your journey. This can be essential to make sure you stay alert whilst on the road. Road signs or printed instructions can also prove beneficial.

Pack your van efficiently

When packing your van, it may be an idea to restrict the amount of luggage you allow your passengers to bring; there’s only so much storage space! When stacking your luggage, make sure you put the heaviest and bulkiest items on the bottom to prevent them from crushing anything underneath.

Small things – such as coats, hats or handbags – are best stacked on top, as well as items you need to be easily accessible – the food box, for example! If you need to put luggage on seats, make sure they’re strapped in to avoid them flying forwards in an emergency stop… or if the driver is an enthusiastic braker!

Emergency supplies

Although we’ll cross our fingers that your journey will happen without a hitch, you should make sure you have supplies on board in case of an emergency. If your van happens to break down, you should have a kit that contains:

  • Hazard warning triangle or cone
  • Tow rope and booster cables
  • Footpump with gauge
  • High grip cotton gloves
  • Weather-proof torch and radio
  • Hi-Viz vest

You should also make sure you have blankets and more warm clothes – we all know how unreliable our UK summers can be! Finally, be sure to pack more than enough food and water for your group in case you’re unable to reach to somewhere whilst on the road.

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