Gearing up for the festive season across London

Halloween has been and gone and so has Guy Fawkes’ night. It’s a clear run now until Christmas and there are only – a few weeks left before the big day is upon us. When did that come around so quickly again? Don’t panic, there is still plenty of time to do what you need to do and with our help, you can get it all done without the stress that would normally come with the biggest holiday of the year. Especially if you have little ones who are already getting overexcited by the thought of Santa Claus and his lists.

Here is our Christmas checklist to have you ready and relaxed with a glass or mug of your favourite holiday tipple long before Christmas Eve.

Get a tree

Traditionally, the Christmas tree would go up on Christmas Eve itself. But who are we kidding? It gets earlier and earlier each year! If, like most, you are holding out until the 1st of December, you still time to find a good one. Decide whether you want to go real or artificial and that will narrow down your options. After that, it’s a case of making it a family weekend day trip out to pick just the right one for your living room. Then you just need to dust off those Christmas decorations, string up the lights, and hang the stockings by the fireplace. All in a day’s work, hopefully!

Clearing out the old

Getting the Christmas decorations out of the attic or the shed is bound to get you thinking about what else is in there that you haven’t used for ages and how much space it is taking up. Now is a great time for a good old clear out. Out with the old and in with the new, just in time for the new year.

Bringing in the new

If you were organised enough a few months ago to order any new furniture that you needed, then it should be arriving any day now. Which will mean having to get rid of the old sofa, bed, dining table – delete as appropriate! Even if you were not, all this new space and reorganisation means that a visit to the local homewares stores is well timed and could turn out to be one of the better Christmas gifts you give your family – more opportunities to spend time together around a new sofa or a new bed for the spare room that the grandparents can use for a weekend.

Gifts, gifts, everywhere

We all know Santa is busy at this time of year. You can help him out by organising your gifts for family and friends well in advance. A trip into London or your local shopping centre can have you ticking things off your list quickly and efficiently. Just be sure to get that list drawn up before you set off!

Do you need a van to get any of those jobs done? If the tree isn’t going to fit in the car, or the attic clear out and old furniture mean a trip to the local recycling centre then a van could be the perfect solution for you. Give CVS Van Hire a call on 020 8003 2854 when you’re ready and we will help you pick out just the right one for whatever jobs it is you need it for. And may we take the opportunity to wish you and your family a happy, happy Christmas!

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