Euro 6 van sales: Avoid ULEZ charges this new year


On 25th October 2021, London implemented the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). The zone now runs all the way up to the north and south circular roads. This now covers locations such as…

  • Haringey
  • Areas of Waltham Forest
  • Lambeth
  • Ealing
  • Areas of Greenwich
  • Kensington and Chelsea

… and more. The ULEZ’s aim is to improve air quality in London – we’ll all be breathing fresher air in no time! Since its creation in 2019, the ULEZ has had a positive impact on roadside pollution, seeing a notable decrease in nitrogen oxide levels. This means we’re already reaping the benefits.

The ULEZ is in operation 24 hours a day, every day of the week, 364 days of the year (the only exception being 25th December). Although the ULEZ is undoubtedly beneficial for our environment, especially in central London, it also comes with a daily charge. If you drive within the ULEZ, you’ll be expected to pay £12.50. It’s understandable to want to avoid this!

Is there a way to travel free of charge?

There are some vehicles that are exempt from the ULEZ charge, such as classic cars, electric cars and modern motorbikes. If these aren’t your style, vehicles that are compliant with the Euro 6 emissions standards are also exempt from the charges, as their environmental impact isn’t as large. Euro 6 vehicles are designed to produce low emissions and are tested to strict requirements in line with current legislation.

With the introduction of Euro 6 standards, the permitted level of nitrogen oxide for diesel vehicles dropped to a maximum of 80mg/km. The permitted level for petrol vehicles is 60mg/km. Any cars registered after 2015 are generally Euro 6 compliant, but it’s worth checking with your vehicle’s manufacturer just in case.

Looking for a ULEZ compliant vehicle?

So, now that we know what vehicle you may need if you’re looking to avoid the ULEZ charge, many van drivers are looking for new vehicles that allow them to drive into the zone for free. There are also other factors that should come into consideration when you’re buying a new van other than Euro 6 compliance. Here’s what to look for:

  • Bodywork – Make sure that the bodywork is free of rust or corrosion, as this could cause problems later down the line.
  • Low mileage – If the van has a low mileage, this means that you’ll be able to get the most amount of distance out of the van as possible – there will also be less wear and tear.
  • Steering – The steering should be responsive. If the steering is vague or slow, this could be an indication of an issue with tyre pressure.
  • Engine and van health – Check the health of the engine, brakes, tyres and internal systems (such as air-conditioning), as you don’t want to buy a van with existing faults.
  • Euro 6 – Ensuring that the van you’re buying is compliant with the Euro 6 standards will mean that you don’t have to pay the ULEZ charge.

Here at CVS Van Hire, you can trust the vans we have for sale. Our entire fleet is now compliant with the Euro 6 standards, meaning that buying from us ensures you won’t be caught with a £12.50 charge when driving in central London in future. We carry out thorough checks on all our petrol and diesel vans, and all vehicles bought with us receive a free MOT whilst you still own the vehicle!

Our vans for hire also fall in line with the Euro 6 standards – you can trust CVS Van Hire to save you money. Call us on 020 8003 1184 or email for more information about the vans you can buy to conform with the London ULEZ.

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