Can you hire a van with points on your licence?

While a lot of drivers have never had any endorsements or penalties applied to their licence, many do for one reason or another. Where, why or under what circumstances are not what we want to explore in this month’s article. What we do want to look at more closely are what repercussions such actions may have when it comes to hiring a vehicle. We explore the types of penalties that are in operation and what impact they may have on your ability to hire a van.

Points on your licence

When you break the law while driving you will receive points on your licence for more minor offences. They include things such as speeding, using a mobile phone, traffic light violations, driving in ways that are not in accordance with your licence, or pedestrian crossing offences, to name but a few. Typically these types of offences will attract a fine and you will also get three points on your licence. These points, otherwise known as endorsements, will also stay on your licence record for a number of years. For those less serious offences it is usually four years but can go up to 11 for more serious ones. For a full breakdown of the types of offences, number of points and length of time they will show up on your licence, visit the DVLA’s website.

If you are unsure whether you have any points on your licence or if ones you had have been removed yet, you can check online to see your records.

How many points can I have before I can’t rent a van?

Most rental agencies will allow you to hire a vehicle with three points on your licence. Some will be ok with six points – for example, if you have had two minor offences over a period of time attracting three points each. Anything more than six and there are very few companies that you can rent from.

If you have more than three points on your licence then you should give us a call in the first instance.

Driving bans and disqualifications

Some offences are that serious that they result in a driving ban, or disqualification. Similarly, if you have committed a number of offences and amassed a series of points on your licence over the past 12 years then you may be banned from driving for a period of time.

If you have received a driving ban or had your licence revoked then you will not be able to hire a vehicle from any company for up to five years after having your licence returned.

Why hiring becomes more difficult

All hire companies, us included, are covered by insurance which in turn covers you as the driver. Most insurers will have allowances in their contracts for a certain number of points. Anything more than that and it becomes a question for the insurance underwriters – will they cover a prospective driver?

At CVS Van Hire we are open to discussing each case so do please get in touch if you need to hire a van but are unsure if you can. Contact us on 020 8003 2785 for an informal chat or to get the ball rolling with hiring a van the next time you need one.