Best Driving Routes To Glastonbury Festival

Best Driving Routes To Glastonbury Festival

Without a doubt, the most convenient and practical method of transport for Glastonbury festival is with your own car or van. With so much camping equipment and other vital festival necessities in your luggage, a vehicle is far less tiring than lugging your stuff from the train to a coach. Having a van also gives you a place to dry off and keep your belongings safe should a torrential downpour ensure. You never know, it may be the only warm and dry place you find all weekend!

What does put people off about driving themselves to Glastonbury festival is the traffic. Although, with a whopping 180,000 people flocking for the weekend, it is hardly a surprise that the roads are jammed. In some cases last year, people were stranded in non-moving traffic for up to 11 hours. To help you make the best journey time possible, follow the below advice:

Times To Avoid

If you want to make it to the festival in good time, then try and plan your arrival to avoid the 7am-2pm window on Wednesday, when it is at its busiest. While you don’t want to think about leaving on the Monday afterwards; it is best to avoid leaving between 2pm-4pm as this seems to be the busiest times for festivalgoers to start the journey home again.

Main Roads Or Local Back Roads?

While many people think the quiet, country roads will ensure they avoid the traffic, it is usually the other way around. The main roads are designed to take on heavier traffic, whereas the local roads will jam quickly and be slow moving. You won’t be alone in thinking about going via the back routes either, so you could find yourself in stand-still traffic in the middle of nowhere. Not a great way to start your trip.

Another thing to bear in mind when choosing your route is which parking area is most convenient for you; it’s worth noting that the east parking areas are usually quieter than the ones on the west. Try to plan your route in accordance with the best parking zone for you to get back home again, so that you don’t end up in the wrong section queuing for the wrong parking.

Which Roads?

 For Glastonbury festival, your satnav will certainly get confused. Instead, it’s best to follow the road signs placed out specifically for the festival. For most routes, you’ll want to aim for the A37, however, if you’re coming from the north-west, then head to the A39 and leave at junction 23 for the A361.

Be Prepared

While the timing and route planning can significantly cut your travel time, be prepared for unexpected delays. If you can, try and plan your journey so that you arrive in the early hours of Wednesday morning, before the gates open, this may mean finding a place to rest overnight or sleeping in your car in the car park.

It is wise to keep the following in your car for standstill traffic situations;

  • Bottles of water
  • Food and snacks
  • Disposable urine bags
  • Entertainment; books, magazines,
  • Blanket/sleeping bag
  • Torch
  • Jump leads.

Enjoy It

Instead of getting frustrated, enjoy the journey time as part of the festival experience. Listen to the bands you are planning to see to get in the mood and play driving games with your fellow passengers; you may even meet new friends while you are queuing in traffic. For your own safety, make sure you start the journey after plenty of sleep and rest on the way if you need to.

Need A Vehicle?

 If you’ve decided to travel by road, then why not consider hiring a van for the festival? With a van, you’ll have plenty of space for all your camping equipment and festival supplies and well as peace of mind of a dry place for your gear. If you’re heading to the festival from London, then call us today to reserve a van to pick up from either our Tottenham or Enfield branch and have one less thing to think about before you embark on a weekend of a lifetime.

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