The undeniable benefits of a dash cam when driving

The undeniable benefits of a dash cam when driving

Have you ever found yourself driving and witnessed a startling encounter with another vehicle that you wish you had on camera? That’s where a dash cam comes in. A dash camera is mounted on the dashboard or the windshield in order to record the road and other drivers, as well as for you to keep track of your own driving habits!

Some people get a dashboard camera mixed up with a black box. The difference is that a dash cam provides visual evidence of your journey, whereas a black box collects data about your individual driving style. You may be wondering, why would a dash cam be beneficial for me? Here are just some of the reasons why collecting dash cam footage might be the next step for your vehicle.

Video evidence

In the (hopefully very unlikely) event of an accident, video evidence of the incident could have a pivotal role in proving which party was in the wrong. The increasingly popular dash cams have aided many insurance claims by proving which vehicle was to blame, so it can be beneficial in saving you money in this circumstance.

Encourage safe driving

A dash cam can allow you to look back at your journeys and assess the way you drive. This means that you can pay attention to whether you leave enough space between you and the driver in front or whether you follow the speed limit. Watching back this footage can highlight areas that you can improve on in order to drive more safely!

Possible reduction in insurance premiums

Some insurance companies now consider dash cams as a measure that drivers can implement in order to drive more safely. Due to this, some car insurers are offering annual discounts on insurance premiums, meaning that road users with a dash cam can save some money by recording their journeys. If there’s any opportunity to decrease insurance expenses, why not take it?

GPS feature

Some dash cams have an inbuilt GPS tracking feature. This means that the dash cam will have your location on Google Maps, as well as your vehicle’s speed. The benefit of this is that your location will be accessible to emergency services should there be a car accident, or you break down. This will ensure a timely response in an emergency!

Peace of mind

Having a dash cam within your vehicle may just give you some peace of mind. Everything will be caught on camera allowing you to concentrate on your driving, improving your skill and reducing the chance of an incident. This could also be great if you’re not the only driver of the vehicle. For example, if your teenager is insured on your car, you could keep an eye on their driving habits.

Have we convinced you yet? A dash cam can be a very handy thing to have installed in your vehicle, and as it turns out, CVS Van Hire can be the ones to help you out. We can supply and install your dash cam, to ensure that you reap all possible benefits. We also provide hire of minibuses for any road trips you have coming up! To enquire about our services, give us a call on 020 8003 1184 or email We can’t wait to hear from you!

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