Less than 600 days until the ULEZ expansion zone. Are you ready?

Less than 600 days until the ULEZ expansion zone. Are you ready?

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone took action on 8th April 2019, replacing the T-Charge. However, the ULEZ zone is now expanding to reach the North and South Circular roads from 25th October 2021. With under 600 days to go until the ULEZ expansion, we have created a simple guide to allow you to prepare.

What is the ULEZ?

The ULEZ was put together by the Mayor of London in an attempt to tackle London’s air pollution. The charging times will operate 12 hours a day, 364 days a year. The only day free of charge will be Christmas day. The cost of the charge for the majority of vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes) is £12.50 per day. For any vehicle over this weight limit, such as lorries, buses and coaches, the charge will increase to £100. This cost is in addition to the current congestion charge of £11.50. The Department of Transport announced that around 9.5m of the total 12.9m diesel vehicles inside the boundaries of the ULEZ at the time of introduction, would be classed as chargeable vehicles.

Which areas will be included?

The ULEZ is set to expand to cover an additional 3.5m homes. Stretching out from the inner city of London to reach Haringey and Lewisham, the zone will require more vehicles to comply with the regulations required.

What vehicles will be exempt?

If you drive a petrol or diesel vehicle within the zone, you will either need to meet the low emission standard or pay the daily charge, on top of the weekday congestion charge, totaling £24.

Almost every diesel car that has been registered since 1st September 2015 will be exempt, plus a small amount which have complied to these standards ahead of the expansion.

Any petrol vehicles that have been registered from 2005 onwards will be exempt, as well as a small amount which date back to 2001.

All electric vehicles are exempt.

If you drive a minibus, van or other specialist vehicle which already meets the LEZ emissions standards, it is not guaranteed that it will meet the ULEZ requirements. Remind yourself of the standards you must comply to by visiting the TFL website.

In addition, the importance of Euro 6 as the new level of emission rating has gained increased importance within the UK since 2019 as it falls within the criteria required to meet the ULEZ standards. All of our vans, including those we have for sale are built to these Euro 6 standards and are therefore exempt of ULEZ charges.

If you feel that your vehicle will be affected by the expansion, use this vehicle checker to inform yourself of the requirements that you may need to follow.

Are private hire vehicles (PCV’s) and rental cars included?

If you have hired a vehicle from a rental company with the desire of driving within London, they may ensure that the vehicle is compliant for your usage, or otherwise inform you of the charge which you will have to pay for taking the vehicle within the expansion zone. Failure to pay this charge will result in a fine and possible admin fee from your rental company. Make sure that you agree on these terms before renting the vehicle.

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