Surviving festival season [a guide]


So far, 2021 has fed us small joys in dribs and drabs; normality is looming before us in the future! One of those small joys is that most festivals in 2021 are likely to be going ahead. Although a small number of them may have been cancelled or rescheduled, most are taking the hopeful stance and welcoming festival-goers with open arms! With many of us out of practice in the festival field, follow our simple guide on preparing for this summer season.

Packing for your trip

For festivals that are over the course of a few days, like The Big Feastival or Boardmasters, packing properly is essential. If you’ve bought a weekend camping ticket, it goes without saying you’ll need a tent! You’ll also need a sleeping bag and a mat, to make the nights a little comfier.

A suitcase isn’t practical for a festival, as tents offer little space. Try and find a duffle bag or something similar so that it can fit into the tiny space available whilst preventing any tears or rips occurring in the tents material! Frequent campers will already have equipment, but for the average festival-goer it might be worth buying a camping rucksack, which has attachments to hold your sleeping bag and tent. Your packing will be much more compact. This is a worthy investment if you’re planning on repeating your festival lifestyle next summer!


To survive the weekend, it’s essential that you pack suncream. Our UK summers are temperamental but don’t get caught off guard and end up red raw! Remember to pack your own hygiene methods  (showers are rare!) as well as water and essential food – festivals may have some food options available, but this isn’t guaranteed. To keep your valuable supplies safe, you can’t go wrong with a classic festival bum-bag. Never take your eyes off your supplies!

Plan your transport

Why not add to the frivolity of a festival weekend and tack on a road trip? If you’re attending festivals with a group of friends and you’re travelling together, you could think about hiring a minibus. Available in sizes from a 9-seater upwards, a group of friends and their bundles of luggage can fit comfortably in a minibus in order for you to travel in relaxation.

Plan your route

When on your travels, make sure to plan your route before you hit the road. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself circling the motorway in a panic! Planning your route is simple, you can either go old-school and use a map or print off instructions, or use your phone to calculate your route for you. You can use Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze. Make sure you stop regularly when you’re driving to avoid getting too tired and to re-fuel with food and water!

A smooth journey makes for an even smoother weekend…

Here at CVS Van Hire, we can provide you with transport for the weekend of a lifetime! Travel to your summer festivals in one of our minibuses and you’ll have the most comfortable journey. Contact us on 020 8003 1184 or email and we can arrange your booking.

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