2023 ULEZ expansion: Your questions answered

There are plans in the pipeline for the ULEZ zone to expand once more. It is no surprise that there are a collection of questions surrounding this topic, heard from all directions. We are here to answer those for you, so you can have a clearer understanding of the current plans.

Q: When is the ULEZ zone expanding?

A: As plans currently stand, the ULEZ zone is due to expand from August 2023.

Q: What is the purpose of the ULEZ zone?

A: The purpose of the roll out of the ULEZ zone is to lower levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) in London. This is found in emissions released from vehicles across the city, and with congestion on the roads being significantly high in this popular location, the levels of the harmful gas were found to be on the greater side. Reducing the levels of NOx can improve the health and wellbeing of those within London, and wherever else the ULEZ restrictions expand to cover.

Q: When was the last expansion?

A: The ULEZ zone came into action in April 2019, originally covering the main City of London. Since then, it expanded to reach the North and South Circular roads. This happened in October 2021.

Q: Why is it expanding again?

A: The expansion of the ULEZ zone is occurring due to both the successes and failures of the current restrictions and regulations. There is confidence around the fact that the levels of NOx are reduced within the City, but it has failed to bring the overall levels of the harmful gas down to a sufficient level. This is why the zone has previously spread to cover a wider area and will continue to do so with the latest expansion.

Q: Will there be a price increase with this expansion?

A: There will be no price increase with the expansion. You will still be expected to pay £12.50 a day, on top of the Congestion Charge, if you enter the zone.

Q: Can the expansion be stopped?

A: There are no plans for the ULEZ expansion to be stopped or delayed. Before the plans were put in place, TfL opened a public survey for five months. This allowed members of the public to voice any concerns. Although 60% of residents did so, this was not enough for the plans to be halted, and it has been declared that it will go ahead.

Q: What areas will be affected by this expansion?

A: As plans currently stand, the ULEZ zone will expand to cover all 33 boroughs within Greater London, as well as locations that border the M25.

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