The tyres on light commercial vehicles really do get through a lot of work. Vans and other types of commercial vehicles tend to be on the run for extended periods and on a daily basis. They also have to operate in areas that virtually qualify as ‘off road’ – i.e. construction sites and rural lanes.

Here at CVS Van Hire in London, we will check your tyres for signs of wear and tear, and supply you with new ones where necessary. We will do everything to keep you safe, legal and your vehicle(s) on the road. We understand that margins are continually tight for businesses, with fuel prices and insurance premiums seemingly constantly rising, so you need to keep your vehicle on the road so as not to miss appointments and delivery times – we know you can’t afford to lose business, as neither can we.

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If you feel your tyres are beginning to perform in a manner that’s well below their expected best, then book an appointment with CVS Van Hire in London so we can give them a dedicated once over. Contact us by phone on 020 8808 7236, or by email at .