By CVS Van Hire

If you own a modern commercial vehicle, then you are probably aware of what complicated machines they are – gone are the days when engines and associated vehicular systems were purely mechanical. All modern engines now have at least some degree of computer control, and some vehicles systems are all controlled by a single central computing processing system.

This makes fault-finding very difficult if you are not a motor vehicle engine expert. The good news for you is that here at CVS Van Hire we are fully up-to-date with modern engine systems, and we have the equipment to diagnose nearly all engine-related issues.

Have we inspired you to take the next step?

Our diagnostics in London uses the latest Snap-on and Delphi diagnostic equipment. We’ll save you money by finding faults and providing solutions before they become major issues, such as with management indicators, fuel pump and injector faults, ABS, air bags and many other potential problems, and all for a one-off low cost price.

Our expert technicians are available now to help, and are perfectly willing to answer any questions you may have. You can contact CVS Van Hire of London on 020 8131 3573, or you can email us at [email protected].

You don’t need to wait until we are open – you can return your hired vehicle at any time of the day within your paid period.

24hr GPS Tracking

CVS wish to inform all customers that our vehicles are monitored by a 24hr GPS Tracking Device.

This is to aid against:

  • Unauthorised European Use
  • Vehicle theft
  • Fraudulent Insurance Claims

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