If you are looking to extend the pulling power of your commercial vehicle(s), then we here at CVS Van Hire in London are certainly the guys who can help. All our tow bar fitters have been expertly trained and have fitted tow bars to all manner of vehicles, from classics to modern vans, camper vans and all kinds of commercial vehicles.

If you think a tow bar is ‘just a tow bar’, then think again! There are all manner of things you need to think about when you are considering fitting a tow bar, such as the type of tow ball you want. It’s also important that precise measurements are made to work out whether we can provide you with a stock towing bar, or if you need a towing system made to your specific requirements.

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It’s also important that your tow bar be fitted properly, as a poorly fitted tow bar can cause a significant amount of issues. You’ll be delighted to know that our technicians have a wealth of experience in fitting tow bars, and can be relied upon to do an effective job.

For tow bar fitting services in London, call CVS Van Hire on 02088087236, or email us at .