Roof Box Storage

CVS Van Hire are proud to be the London suppliers of Roofarack, a universal roof box unit for vans of all shapes and sizes. Roofarack is designed to help you carry sheet materials easily and safely, making it simpler than ever to transport materials from place to place.

Roofarack is the ideal solution for businesses needing to move materials and carry equipment.

To find out more or to come and see the Roofarack unit in person, please just get in touch.

What is Roofarack?

Roofarack is the new generation of roof box. Designed by tradespeople, for tradespeople, the versatile roof rack provides transportation solutions for businesses needing to carry sheet materials between jobs. No more tying down needed!

Designed for safe and practical usage, Roofarack is constructed from ABS plastic, making it strong, durable and hardwearing when out on the road all day. It has the capacity to change the way you work, freeing up space inside your van and ensuring you carry materials as safely as possible.

These are some of the key features of the Roofarack roof box system:

  • Suitable for 8×4 plasterboard and other sheet materials
  • Made from strong, lightweight ABS plastic
  • Fully lockable for added security
  • Easy to fit and load, with secure U bolts to hold the box in place
  • Two pipe holders and 3 roof bars on top
  • British made with quality materials
  • The box will fit both small and large vans
  • Fully waterproof throughout

What are the benefits of Roofarack?

Roofarack can help make your job easier. Here are some of the ways you will benefit from the roof box system:

  • You can easily attach equipment like ladders and steps to the roof bars on top
  • The system is lockable, secure and protective for your materials
  • It is made with quality materials, so it is strong and long lasting
  • The product is ISO crash tested, so you know it is safe
  • The system is easy to load and unload, freeing up your time on a job
  • You will have more space inside your van with this additional storage solution


Roofarack is available now for £650 + VAT. Please enquire at CVS Van Hire if you are interested in this system. You are very welcome to come and see the system in person before you decide to buy.

Roofarack suppliers

We are exclusive suppliers of Roofarack for the London area. If you would like to make an enquiry, please call 020 8003 2854 or send us a message.

We can also fit the Roofarack system to your van for you – please just get in touch to book an appointment. We will be happy to demonstrate the system to you, talk you through the way it works and if you decide to go ahead, fit it securely to your vehicle

Find out more about Roofarack and the benefits it can have for your business.

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CVS wish to inform all customers that our vehicles are monitored by a 24hr GPS Tracking Device.

This is to aid against:

  • Unauthorised European Use
  • Vehicle theft
  • Fraudulent Insurance Claims

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