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Here at CVS Van Hire in London, we can add an extra layer of protection to the interior of your vehicle by installing ply lining, and for heavier items of cargo the fitting of a bulkhead.

Ply lining is the best way to take a little away from the stress suffered by your hard-working van or other commercial vehicle. Ply lining is made from plywood and can be used to completely cover the interior of your van, including the wheel arches and the interior of the external doors. For added versatility, racking and shelving can be added too.

If you use your vehicle to transport heavy items of equipment or valuable tools, then installing a bulkhead (or partition as it is also known) will help secure your items safely. Bulkheads are typically installed behind the driver and passenger compartment and separates items from the cargo area. This added layer of protection will keep both your valuable equipment and your cargo safe, especially in the event of a swerve or emergency stop.

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To learn more about the fitting of ply lining and bulkheads, please contact CVS Van Hire on 020 8131 3573. You can also contact us via email at [email protected].

You don’t need to wait until we are open – you can return your hired vehicle at any time of the day within your paid period.

24hr GPS Tracking

CVS wish to inform all customers that our vehicles are monitored by a 24hr GPS Tracking Device.

This is to aid against:

  • Unauthorised European Use
  • Vehicle theft
  • Fraudulent Insurance Claims

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