There’s nothing worse (or perhaps more embarrassing) than a prang in a car park or when someone driving your vehicle is parallel parking and bumps another vehicle. At CVS Van Hire in London we can help you to minimise the embarrassment and costs associated with a bump by installing parking sensors in your commercial vehicle(s).

Large vans can be difficult to park, especially for inexperienced van drivers (all van drivers have to start somewhere!), and unless you’re an old hand at parallel parking large vehicles, doing so can be something of a challenge. Large vehicles are much more difficult to manoeuvre than cars, and without the benefit of a rear view mirror judging distances can be difficult.

You can reduce the chances of an expensive bump by installing parking sensors to your vehicle. These detect how far you are away from other vehicles and obstacles by either showing an image or emitting a series of beeps (the closer you are, the faster the beeps). They take the guesswork out of manoeuvring a cumbersome vehicle, and make parking so much easier.

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