It’s a sad fact of life that the sight of a commercial vehicle will always spark the interest of thieves and miscreants.

While people are wise to the notion of not leaving valuables in their cars, when it comes to a commercial vehicle more often than not you simply do not have the choice. You’re forced to leave your van unattended as you go about your business, often full of stock, tools and other vital pieces of equipment.

At CVS Van Hire we can help you add an extra layer of needed security to your commercial vehicle by supplying additional locks, such as:

  • Dead locks and hasps – suitable for any budget and a great way of reducing the chances of a break-in
  • Slam locks and plates – stainless steel replacements for plastic handles
  • Handles and plates – replacement stainless steel handles for extra protection
  • Protection devices – extra levels of protection against vehicle theft

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Have we inspired you to take the next step?

Rest assured that if you acquire additional locks from us here at CVS Van Hire, you’ll be significantly reducing the chances of your vehicle being stolen or broken into. For more information, call us on 02088087236, or drop us an email at