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Internal Sizes Imperial Metric
Length 13ft 3.96m
Width 6ft 8″ 2.03m
Height 7ft 3″ 2.20m

Maximum Payload: 900 kg

Additional Options (subject to availability):

  • CD Player
  • Garment Rails
Rental Prices + VATLonger Term Discounts Available On Request
Type of fuel: Diesel
(pay for use)
Licence CategoryDaily Rate
(Mon – Fri 24 hours)
7 days1 Month
(28 days)
Weekend Offer
(2pm Fri-
8am Mon)
Please call
for bank
holiday prices
LUTON WITH TAIL-LIFTLuton Van with Tail LiftBPrice
per day
per period

A Luton van is a style of commercial van that has an enclosed box body that’s extended over the driver’s cab. Originally made by Bedford, the van gets its name from the town of Luton, where the vehicles were first made.

Modern Luton vans are essentially transit vans with a Luton van body. They are ideal for house moves for couples, or families with one or two small children. The driver’s cab contains seating for three people. Luton vans can also be supplied by CVS Van Hire complete with a tail lift to make the loading and unloading of the van much easier, as a result they are the very popular choice of delivery companies.

Discounts for hire periods in excess of three weeks are available – just ask!

Delivery and collection services available.