27 Feb 2018
How to keep your van and its contents safe

It is every commercial van owner’s worst nightmare. Waking up in the morning, or coming back from an errand or job, to find their van has been broken into or stolen leading to missing tools, equipment, and other valuables. It is not just the value of the van; it is the value of the tools and materials within it, and the time and cost of replacing them. It is rare to go past a van and not see a big sign stating that ‘no tools are left overnight’, but there is a lot more that commercial van owners can do to secure their possessions and livelihood. We have compiled a list of tips to help you keep your van secure and your livelihood unaffected.

Choose wisely

When buying a new van, choose carefully. Check to see what security features are included as standard and what you may need to add as extras. As a minimum you should consider an immobiliser, alarm system, and deadlocks for the doors. Does your chosen design also help keep valuables out of sight and out of reach without compromising your ability to do what you need it to do?

Design your own security

Depending on what your business is and what you carry in your van on a daily basis, customising a few internal security features could go a long way towards keeping it out of the wrong hands. Things like lockable toolboxes or slamlocks may be appropriate. You can also add steering wheel and hand brake locks, lockable fuel filler caps, and locking wheel nuts. You can upgrade your deadlocks and add window tints or covers to prevent windows from breaking if smashed.

Add a GPS tracker

The addition of an electronic GPS tracker could be the difference between recovering your stolen van and losing it forever. There are various levels of protection once you have a system installed, from a basic tracker to one that uses multiple tracking systems, and to alerting the police. Fitting an electronic tracker could also lower your insurance premiums – worth checking with your insurer to see what they offer.

Lock your doors

It sounds obvious, but thieves are opportunists and will find take a chance whenever they can get it. If you are just paying for fuel or picking up a quick snack or coffee, lock up even if the van is in sight.

Be careful where you park

Another obvious one perhaps, but one that is worth keeping in mind at all times. Look for busy rather than quiet places, ones that are well lit rather than dark and full of shadows, and if you can park near a CCTV camera even better. All these act as deterrents – thieves look for easy targets so making your vehicle visible makes it less attractive.

For the latest in commercial van security, CVS Van Hire is here to help. We do more than just hire vans. We can advise on and fit a variety of security systems, including deadlocks, and we also offer bespoke solutions. Find out how we can help by giving us a call on 020 8003 2785.